Guy Clark – Keepers Outtakes

Wow! Does it get much better than this? Not really. This right here is an amazing set. The REST of what Guy Clark recorded for his Keepers album (which in it’s own right was near perfect). Now we have the ones that weren’t keepers……the leftovers. All I’ve got to say is whoever chose the “keepers” had a hell of a job picking them out, cause to these ears they are all keepers.

Now the compiler of this has omitted the official tracks (the ones released on keepers) but I’m sure most of you guys have it anyway. What’s cool is to add the official tracks in with the leftovers and you have 3 excellent (though repetitive) Guy Clark shows.

MP3 @ 192
Guy Clark – Keepers Outtakes

  • tom

    December 28th, 2010


    Man this is great!!! I’ve been a fan of Guy Clark since back in 1972 when I first met him and listened to him…


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