Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Billy Joe Shaver, Kimmie Rhodes, & Kris Kristofferson – Outlaw Country Live From Austin TX

In Honor of my favorite show on saturday nights, I present to you a recording of one of my favorite episodes of Austin City Limits.

Recorded in 1996, this honky tonk supergroup gave us a performance much like what you would expect this gathering to sound like on any one of their front porches. They sit around joking singing songs back and forth, trading licks….trying to one up the next guy. Highlights on this disc include well all of it, but specifically the middle part where they play a game of one upmanship with spiritual songs, the all-together sing along of “on the road again”, and my favorite…..Waylon’s “I’d have been out of jail”. Give it a listen or two.

Austin City Limits

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