My latest musical obsession: Robyn Ludwick

Well it happens to me every now and then, the last time it happened was with Bettysoo back in ‘09. Robyn and Bettysoo have quite a few things in common, both from Texas, both cute as buttons, both have amazing voices, both great songwriters, and both produced by Gurf Morlix. I’m willing to bet those who dig Bettysoo will indeed also dig Robyn Ludwick. I feel like this next bit of info is irrelevant, but another thing is she is the sister of Bruce and Charlie Robison, which also makes her the sister in law of Kelly Willis (who I’m also betting that fans of will dig). I say that is irrelevant because I don’t think she needs that bump, her music is good enough to stand alone no matter what family she comes from. I will talk some more a little later about her amazing new album Out Of These Blues, but until then enjoy this vid of her doing a live performance of the song Hollywood of that album.

EDIT: I’m adding another killer vid of a song off the new album. This is the title track, recorded at the same show as above…so damn good!

  • Art Crawford & Lisa Beck

    January 28th, 2011


    We Love Robyn Ludwick. Great songwriter and performer.

  • Rob

    February 3rd, 2011


    thanks for sharing this – my latest obsession is Little Miss Higgins – if you don’t know of her – check her out shes got some great stuff on youtube.

    Also would it be at all possible for you to kindly fix the links on a couple of things that Ive missed? You have one Todd Snider – Ohio River Valley
    jason Isbell – North star bar
    and the Neil young ” Well Kept Secret w/ Bonus disc”

    I realize it might not be possible for some reason but I thought I would kindly ask
    Thanks anyway and be sure to check out Little Miss Higgens anyway -

  • Guy

    February 11th, 2012


    Yes, Robyn’s album is wonderful.
    A World class act – it just needs the World to realize this!

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