Son Volt – EP Collection

Here we have a few now out of print Son Volt EP’s. Switchback, Straightface and Afterglow 61.

Switchback EP from 1997

1. Back Into Your World
2. Tulsa County
3. Drown (Live)
4. Going, Going Gone

Straightface EP from 1998
1. Straightface (Radio Version)
2. Holocaust
3. Last Time Around
4. Straightface (Live)

Afterglow 61 from 2005
1. Afterglow 61 (Radio Mix)
2. Joe Citizen Blues
3. Bandages and Scars (Live)
4. Medication (Live)
5. Ipacac (Live)
6. Gramaphone (Acoustic)

I’ve been on the lookout for the bonus tracks to The Search, the ones that are only available through iTunes, not the bonus disc from Best Buy. And am I the only one who finds it ironic that on a disc where Farrar is railing agains commercialism he has these sweet deals that screw the fans with iTunes and Best Buy?

Anyway, if any of you fine readers know where I might find these extra tracks, please post.


MP3 @ 320 & 192
Son Volt – EPs Part 1
Son Volt – Eps Part 2

  • Anonymous

    January 12th, 2010


    This is a pretty rare stuff here in Brasil. Thanks for that

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