Free Music Alert: Chris King – Bexar County EP & This New Almanac EP

This one is strictly in the honky tonk country camp, really enjoyable, some great tele twang and pedal steel throughout. It will satisfy your honky tonk cravings and make you wanna drink whiskey and chase it with beer. Get ‘em both here

  • Rob Heasman

    March 13th, 2014


    Hi There,

    Greetings from Worcester, England. Yup, the actual town where the sauce originated, and is still made today.

    Love your blog, I’ve been a visitor for about 18 months now. It never ceases to amaze me the depth of your content and knowledge. And the amount of work you must put in!! I especially like the 5 disc Todd Snider set, and the Steve Earle Magnetised set.

    Can’t remember what I was looking for when your site came up, but I’m glad it did. I’m an ex-punkfan, but developed a taste for the Long Ryders and REM back in the 80’s, when my mates were getting all worked up over The Smiths.

    I came to the alternate country scene via the Jayhawks and Sid Griffin. I just love the way it’s like the old indie punk scene was, a lot of barely known artists self-releasing or issuing small runs. The fun is in hunting down a copy.

    Today I ordered two more Ol’ Yeller Cds from Amazon. Never heard of them until I snagged your compilations, so the credit must go to you.

    Sorry to have rambled on, but I wabted to let you know how big a fan of yours I am, and how much I appreciate the effort you put into it.

    Best Wishes for the future,


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