Alt Country goes to the Movies

Just want to give a heads up on a couple of movies that may be of interest. I’ve already talked about Last Rites of Ransom Pride on here quite a bit, but now I have seen it and well….not really the greatest movie in the world. Definitely worth seeing if you are a big Ray Wylie Hubbard fan, as there are some killer renditions of some of his songs and his lyrics are peppered throughout the movie dialouge. The movie itself is just not very well done…it’s kind of like one of those made for Sci-Fi channel movies that feature a shark crossed with an octopus (yes I’m talking about the mighty Sharktopus).  Watch the Last Rites trailer here

The other movie is also nothing special, but would make a decent date flick or something like that. The reason you as a reader of this site might be interested is that the soundtrack is done by Mr. Todd Snider. Not only that but there are about 4 unreleased songs on here billed as The Eastside Bulldogs (you may remember the recent Eastside Bulldogs song that was released to benefit victims of the Nashville Flood). If there is an Eastside Bulldogs album in the works, I am very excited because all the new songs on this movie and that song there are all damn good and one of my favorite “modes” Todd Snider gets into (you know that laid back and loose rock and roll thing). Check out the trailer for The Locksmith here. Wonder why they didn’t use Todd Snider in the trailer as the movie has his songs liberally throughout.

Both The Locksmith, and Last Rites of Ransom Pride are available on Netflix streaming and most Redboxes. If you can only watch one….watch The Locksmith.

One more thing…and my info on this is mostly hearsay, but the upcoming attempt from big nashville to capitalize on the success of Crazy Heart starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw called Country Strong is rumored to have quite a few songs penned by Mr. Hayes Carll. Of course they are sung by someone much less deserving, but kudos to Hayes Carll for getting his songs heard.

  • bigredspirit

    November 27th, 2010


    I mentioned a while back about this and what RWH said about the movie, but here it is again if you missed it:

    Speaking of RWH, did you see that amazing boot on DIME from June 26th. It was posted about a week ago. You hear RWH talk about how Last Rites was a great movie until the Hollywood guys fucked it up. He also talks about Jimmy Fallon and the weird dancing and stomping. Lucas’ licks are way better! Also, about 4 new songs are performed.

    As for the sound: absolutely amazing, it beats the freakin’ hell out of that 2000 live album. Here is the link (you’d be crazy not to post an MP3 version here at ATS):

  • Sharktopus ate my leg

    November 30th, 2010


    even after watching the trailer i couldn’t believe it was real. wow. talk about bottom of the barrel pot smokin idea.

  • Bill Frater

    December 6th, 2010


    Thanks for the tip on the flicks. It’s always so cool that you can just hit a link to see the trailer. Locksmith looks great, I’m a sucker for quirky RomCom’s, and Todd’s music is a bonus! The Last Rites looks, of course, predictable, and Country Strong too. I hope these movies don’t start some sort of new Urban Cowboy trend!

  • Truersound

    December 7th, 2010


    Sharktopus ate my leg is my favorite commentors name ever on the history of the internet

    Bill Frater, glad to help….our luck an Urban Cowboy remake is probably in the works!!!!

    Bigredspirit, I haven’t been checking Dime lately but I need to grab that show

  • relmTymn

    December 14th, 2012


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