Free Music Alert: Old 97’s – Too Far To Care Demos

Here is something that is really damn good. The demos from Too Far To Care by the Ranchero Brothers. Now, anyone who has been a longtime fan of The Old 97’s knows the Ranchero Brothers is the name of the band consisting of Rhett Miller and Murray Hammond where Old 97s songs are tried out first. Now we have been promised a stripped down Ranchero Brothers album since Too Far To Care, but I feel this is likely as close as we will ever get. This collection is from the Old 97’s peak, and it’s well worth downloading, even if you have to download it a track at a time.

Go here to get Too Far To Care Demos

  • mr blur

    November 2nd, 2010


    woot! I’ve had this for years and it is right nice.
    there are better rancheroos available if you can find them.

  • Brad

    November 5th, 2010


    These are great, thanks!! I love the Old 97s! How you been? I have big dates this weekend, but let’s have a beer soon.

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