Old 97’s & Chris Whitley – KCRW Sessions

This is an interesting pairing, but I got it like this, so I left it like this. One thing they both had in common at the time was that they were both just starting to reach the top of their games. The Old 97’s set is amazing. I mean they are doing promotion for “Wreck Your Life”, the songs are still fresh, and the band is hungry. What’s particularly intersting are the interview segments….really took me back. I mean they didn’t even know what to call their music cause the word “Alt Country” hadn’t been popularised yet. And they talk about getting ready to do a show with “a great new band out of chapel hill called whiskeytown”……..”they say that kid Ryan isn’t gonna make it to 28″. This really took me back, cause this was around the time I was really starting to dig into what we now call Alt Country. A great set. The Whitley set ain’t too bad either…..searing blues rock as expected.

Download Old 97’s and Chris Whitley here

  • the north face

    November 27th, 2013


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