Gene Clark – Flowers On My Grave (Live and Demos)

This is a great little disc here. What information I gathered was that this was never officially released, or was some kind of bootleg. Either way it’s incredible, and fans of Gene Clark will want to check this out. The first half, the Mountain Stage show is what makes this….just great little intimate performance. If you’re not very familiar with Gene Clark, he was one of the original members of the Byrds…..actually the guy who wrote 8 Miles High. The real meat of his work though is post byrds. He cut a great album with the Gosdin Brothers, two legendary albums with Doug Dillard of The Dillards (you know, the Darlin boys off Andy Griffith….so much more than that though) and then a string of fantastically epic albums through the early 70’s. Dying in 1991, he is definitely a forgotten legend. Though I hear he’s getting some props nowadays from the likes of Allison Krauss, Robert Plant, and The Black Crowes on their new albums (the Krauss/Plant one actually has 2 Clark songs)

Gene Clark – Flowers On My Grave
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