Centro-Matic (with Jason Isbell) – The Mercy Lounge, Nashville TN August 24, 2007

I know I’ve got some Centro fans out there, this ones for you guys. This is pretty interesting, Centro-Matic with Jason Isbell on guitar. The sound is very clear, very good, and I’m sure you Centro fans will eat this up. Jason Isbell fans, there’s not really much on here for you guys, as these are all Centro-Matic (I.E. Will Johnson) songs. But it makes an interesting listen none-the-less.
Jason and his band The 400 unit are currently touring with Centro-Matic. They both have put out good albums this year. Isbell’s “Sirens of the Ditch” and Centro’s EP “Operation Motorcide“.
Centro-Matic (with Jason Isbell) – The Mercy Lounge
  • Lisa Drew

    July 24th, 2011


    Great news it is surely. I’ve been searching for this update.

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