Show Report: James McMurtry @ Attitudes in Blacksburg, VA 7/15/10

Well I figure I should tell you guys about this show. Really not much to tell. I drank too much beer and lost my camera. That f’n pissed me off, but the show was great. Not as good as the October ‘09 show I went to at the same venue, but still a great f’n show.  The reasons for it not being as good as the Oct. are subtle but important. One, it was the summer, so college was out. Granted their weren’t a lot of students at the Oct. show but the did help flesh out the crowd. Which brings me to Two, the crowd was not as big or as “energetic”. Not near as many people on the floor for this show, which if you’ve ever been to a McMurtry show you know he feeds on the crowd down on the floor dancing and gettin’ down. Lord knows I tried to get them out on the floor but I was only midly succesful. Number Three is because the bar no longer served $1 PBRs and number Four is because I lost my f’n camera! Which is why this post does not have any pictures or vids. Which I did take both, sorry guys. Blame it on James McMurtry being too good of a beer salesman, and my own inclination of not wanting to turn down a good beer salesmen.

Here is another review of the same show by a guy I talked to before hand. It will give about as much information about the actual show as this post, but hey…it’s a different perspective.

I will say it was a great show, James was loud, but less talkative than last time…at least on stage. Me and my buddy did end up talking with James and his mother (who came down from Loudon County, VA)  for about an hour after the show drinking double Maker’s Marks. I just wish to god I could remember what we talked about!

EDIT: Oh yeah, the opener Johnny Burke was great. My buddy bought his EP, I need to borrow it off him to do a review. He used to be with The Dedringers which I’m certain I put on one of the Truesounds comps a couple years ago.

  • danny

    August 21st, 2010


    Sort of off topic. I was watching a movie from the 70’s, Daisy Miller, and at the end they did the credits and one of the main charaters, a 10 year old boy, was played by James McMurtry. Weird right?

  • brad

    September 3rd, 2010


    I was at this show! Just reading your blog, listening to the Everybodyfields, watching Nadal kick some dude’s ass. Good description, sorry about the camera. I hung out after that show, talked to “mom.” I hung out more after the first JM show, the one in Oct. (And yes, you’re right about it being better, audience wise.) I too had lots of beer. Did you see Cracker when they were there? Damn fine show–what a band. I keep telling these bastards at Attitudes that if they’ll let me do publicity I’ll sell the fucking place out.

    Ok, time to listen to listen to some James…let’s see…Cheney’s Toy? Yeh.


  • Estrella Kloth

    September 15th, 2011


    a real exceptional scan of Show Report: James McMurtry @ Attitudes in Blacksburg, VA 7/15/10 A Truer Sound Excellent love it

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