Glossary – Visulite Theater (Charlotte, NC) 2/23/10

I’ve held off on posting this because I didn’t think the sound quality was up to standards. That is, it sounds like a bootleg…you know what I mean. However after listening to it a couple times, I fell in love with it much like I have fallen in love with their latest Feral Fire. It’s the kind of record that starts out in 5th gear and just gets better from there and is one of my favorite albums of the year so far. Now Glossary have been the subject of two recent Free Music Alert posts, and both free downloads are still available. Between that and this boot, you really have no excuse not to be familiar with this band. Really one of the best touring rock bands out there. Fans of Tom Petty, Lucero (who they were opening for on this show), Drive-By Truckers, Thin Lizzy, even Fleetwood Mac (whom they do a great cover of ¬†on this one as well) would do well to check this out. Sound is a B, but the performance is a solid A+ and makes getting over the sound quality very easy.

If you recognize that cover image, it’s because I ganked it from a post over at ninebullets that was a review of this very show. Check it out

Download Glossary – Visulite Theatre 2/23/10 here

EDIT: I should also point out that Glossary has just released an honest to god music video for Save Your Money For The Weekend for you viewing pleasure

  • dave

    February 23rd, 2012


    link doesn’t work any more. any one know where i can find this show – or any other glossary?

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