The Fabulous Johnny Cash Show – Houston, TX 3-14-61

Talk about a rare treat, this one’s for you old time country fans. This is a fantastic recording of a Johnny Cash Show concert in it’s entirety from 1961. Featuring George Jones, and Roger Miller before they became household names, and also features old time country songbird Rose Maddox. The sound of this is incredible considering it’s a bootleg from 1961. Sure there are some hiccups here and there, but overall it’s great. John R. was in fine form this night too, as his set is just how you would imagine a 1961 Johnny Cash concert to sound. This is a must download for any country music fan.
Sorry folk, but I didn’t make a back cover for this, ’cause I wanted to hurry up and just get it up here for you.

Disc 1
01 Johnny Western “When the Grass Turns Green”
02 Johnny Western “It Only Hurts for a Little While”
03 Johnny Western “Ballad of Paladin”
04 Roger Miller “Footprints in the Snow”
05 Roger Miller “Invitation to the Blues”
06 Roger Miller “That’s the Way that I Feel”
07 Roger Miller “Half a Mind”
08 Roger Miller “Tall Tall Trees”
09 Roger Miller “Billy Bayou\Home”
10 Roger Miller “In the Summertime”
11 Roger Miller “Where Your Arms Used to Be”
12 Gordon Terry “Wild Honey”
13 Gordon Terry “Almost Alone”
14 Gordon Terry “Orange Blossom Special”
15 Gordon Terry “The Mule” (clip)
16 (clip) Claude Gray “Start Draggin’ the River for Me”
17 Claude Gray “I Just Want to be Alone”
18 Claude Gray “Family Bible”
19 Claude Gray “I’ll Just Have a Cup of Coffee, Then I’ll Go”
20 Claude Gray “My Son Calls Another Man Daddy” (?)
21 George Jones “Ragged but Right”
22 George Jones “Accidentally on Purpose” (breaks up, not good quality)
23 George Jones & Roger Miller “Ways of the Word, Ways of a Woman”
24 George Jones & Roger Miller “Long Time to Forget”

Disc 2
01 George Jones “White Lightnin’”
02 George Jones “Window Up Above”
03 George Jones “Treasure of Love”
04 Rose Maddox “Down Down Down”
05 Rose Maddox “Kissing My Pillow”
06 Rose Maddox “I Want to Live Again”
07 Rose Maddox “North to Alaska”
08 Rose Maddox “Tramp on the Street”
09 Rose Maddox “Gotta Travel On”
10 Rose Maddox “Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down”
11 Rose Maddox “Philadelphia Lawyer”
12 Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three “Big River”
13 Johnny Cash “I Guess Things Happen That Way”
14 Johnny Cash “Rock Island Line”
15 Johnny Cash “Instumental” (?)
16 Johnny Cash “Five Feet High and Rising”
17 Johnny Cash “I Got Stripes”
18 Johnny Cash “Folsom Prison Blues”
19 Johnny Cash “I Walk the Line”
20 Johnny Cash “Lead Me Father”
21 Johnny Cash“Ballad of Harp Weaver”
22 Johnny Cash“The Rebel Johnny-Yuma”, spoofs of Ernest Tubb, Eddy Arnold,
and Elvis, gunshots!
23 Johnny Cash “Luther’s Boogie”
24 Johnny Cash “Goodbye Little Darling”

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