Ray Wylie Hubbard’s yearbook

I was trolling around ebay earlier and came across this. Thought it was interesting so decided to post it.

Ray Wylie Hubbard’s 1965 Senior Yearbook from Dallas Adamson High School in Oak Cliff, TX. Signed and with a little note to the original owner (you know, it is a yearbook)

There is a signed copy of the Three Faces West record on ebay right now as well. Though that seems to be going through some kind of bidding war.

Another thing….when I was in Dallas I noticed a Lake right outside the city called Lake Ray Hubbard. Wonder if there is any relation, or did they just love him so much they decided to name a lake after him?

  • ronny

    July 18th, 2010


    I love Ray Wylie. He isn’t my favorite songwriter or musician, but his live show is top notch. He is such a natural storyteller and warm personality that it is hard not to get caught up in his shows.

    Its always a disappointment when you see a great band or artist and they don’t say one word on stage. You can tell that Ray Wylie is 100 % comfortable and he isn’t afraid to tell a joke even if it will bomb.

    I saw him play in a tiny room in Chicago a couple a months ago and my girlfriend was gushing over him. She loved him and his personality.

    and well you know…Snake farm.

  • bigredspirit

    July 18th, 2010


    Cool! Are you bidding on either item? Do you have that Three Faces West album. It would be great to be able to download that.

  • Jeff

    July 20th, 2010


    Unfortunately, the lake is named after some old Parks and Wildlife guy, who is decidedly less legendary.

    • CharlesW

      March 13th, 2015


      Very true Jeff but Ray Wylie did perform at the dedication of Lake Ray Hubbard.

  • Mary

    July 24th, 2010


    I saw him at Schubas too!

  • la_s0leil

    July 27th, 2010


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  • Michael Howard

    September 15th, 2010


    My uncle, Steve Howard, replaced Ray in Three Faces when Ray left. This was back in the early 70’s. He, Wayne Kidd, and Rick Fowler went on to record another CD (‘72?) called Holed Up – it was and is a great album. Great songs including Rainbow Man, Blackbird, and other great classic Three Faces covers. Don’t know of anyone that might have a digital copy or an original LP I could purchase? Let me know. FYI: Steve is still playing and living in Kansas.

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