A Truer Sampler 07 – The Bottle Rockets

OK, we’re having a 4th of July blowout on Bottle Rockets!! The Bottle Rockets are the band of former Uncle Tupelo roadie/member Brian Henneman. He formed The Bottle Rockets just before Uncle Tupelo broke up and they actually opened for them on their final show (which I will be posting sometime soon). So in that respect, The Bottle Rockets are another band formed in the wake of Uncle Tupelo…..Son Volt, Wilco, & The Bottle Rockets…..the Big 3. Of those 3, the B-Rox are probably the most straigtforward rock band…..mid west style roots rock that is, and their first 3 albums are among the best in the whole genre of this thing somebody decided to call alt-country. Check out the song ‘Radar Gun’, one of my favorite songs of theirs off their 1995 masterpiece “The Brooklyn Side”. If that don’t make you a fan, well maybe ‘Welfare Music’ will, off the same album. The B-Rox are still going strong too, still touring, still putting out albums, check the links below.
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ATS07 – The Bottle Rockets
  • Chi Sin Gweilo

    December 28th, 2009


    please please re-upload this, would love to have it!

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