Gob Iron – Death Songs For The Living

I’ve been on a son volt/Jay Farrar kick here lately (thanks to the new son volt album), so I present you Jay’s side project from last year with Anders Parker……Gob Iron.

This album is as close to uncle tupelo that you can get with out hopping in a time machine and going back to 1991. Very reminiscent of UT’s “March 16-20″ album. These are mostly covers and re-interpratations of old folk songs. Standout tracks include Farrar’s “Death’s Black Train”, “Hard Times”, “Nicotine Blues”, & Parkers excellent “Hills of Mexico”. Also included is a another Carter Family cover like only Jay can do…….”East Virginia Blues”. So if you like acoustic Uncle Tupelo…….you will surely dig this…and if you like son volt, the last track “Buzz and Grind” is classic son volt material.

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